To Travel... Perchance to Dream

Can you think of a more exciting profession than travel writer? To tour the world, when others are chained to their office desk? Come away with me! Enjoy a mojito on a sunny Caribbean beach in winter, sail the Mediterranean Sea in summer! Marvel at the sunset at Ayers Rock, go walkabout in the territory of Crocodile Dundee! Dance salsa in Havana, samba in Rio de Janeiro and tango in Buenos Aires! Discover the hidden treasure islands in Thailand and Polynesia, feast on gourmet food in Provence, taste the fine wines of Napa Valley, Stellenbosch and Mendoza! Climb the pyramids in Mexico and Guatemala, be humbled by the majestic solitude of Roman ruins in the Libyan and Syrian desert! Won't you join me? Travel adventures start with a good read!

Wolfgang Roessig